Find a Veterinarian in the United States and Canada

Now that you've adopted or rescued a cat or dog, you need to find an experienced veterinarian to help ensure your pet's long term health. Type in your city/state or city/province into our search bar along with the word "veterinarian" and find a qualified vet. Or, just skip to the bottom and click on the direct links to see our featured vets in your area.


Finding the right veterinarian is a hard thing to do. Trust, experience, price, and location are all important in the decision. You can choose to find a single vet you feel very comfortable with, a local animal hospital, or a larger operation like your local Banfield.  Check out our listings below to get you started in your search.  


We also have recommendations for you if you are in Canada.  Start here in finding the most important pet service you'll need.


Make sure you take in to account all of the things important to you.  if it's surgery, holistic medicine like acupuncture, dentistry, or emergency availability, you should take the decision very seriously.  If you still can't find a vet in your area using our listings, use our favorite resource to find a high quality veterinarian.  

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