Rescue a pure breed dog, cat, puppy, or kitten for less that what it costs to go to a breeder!

Many times, people look to get a pure breed dog or cat for their first pet because their first thought is to go to a breeder. While this is certainly an option assuming the breeder is putting the needs of the animals first, we encourage people to explore their local shelters as well. You can find many of the most popular breeds in shelters and rescues in and around major cities throughout the U.S. and Canada. We understand that breeds can have certain personality traits that may make them better for one family over another. The Beagle’s energy and vocal nature is perfect for some, but may not be for others, while the laid back attitude and patience makes Labrador Retrievers perfect for families. 
The good thing is that there are many animal welfare groups that specialize in a particular breed.  You can visit these organizations to find your next furry family member, get the breed you want, and save a life all at one time.  We've put together this list of rescues that focus on purebred pets for your reference.  If we've missed one, please make sure to email us and we'll add it!
Pure Breed Adoption List By State / Province
  United States       Canada
Alabama Hawai'i Massachusetts New Mexico South Dakota Alberta
Alaska Idaho Michigan New York Tennessee  British Columbia
Arizona Illinois Minnesota North Carolina Texas Manitoba
Arkansas Indiana Mississippi North Dakota Utah Newfoundland and Labrador
California Iowa Missouri Ohio Vermont New Brunswick
Colorado Kansas Montana Oklahoma Virginia Nova Scotia
Connecticut Kentucky Nebraska Oregon Washington Ontario
Delaware Louisiana Nevada Pennsylvania West Virginia Prince Edward Island
Florida Maine New Hampshire Rhode Island Wisconsin Quebec
Georgia Maryland New Jersey South Carolina Wyoming Saskatchewan
  District of Columbia       Northwest Territories
Is your purebred rescue organization missing?  Email us at!
To help support your search, we are creating portions of our site specifically for pure breed adoptable pets. Use this information as part of your search process, but poke around with other resources as well. You want to make sure you take as many things in to account when choosing the type of pet that is best for your family. Use the following links to get started in your search. We're adding new content all the time, so if there is a specific breed you'd like to see more information on, let us know.  If you're planning on adoption make sure to check out our new puppy and new kitten checklists to make sure you have everything you need before they come to your home.  
Dog and Cat Breeds
Dogs Dogs Cats
Beagle Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie) Persian
Pit Bull Terrier Labrador Retriever Maine Coon
Golden Retriever American Bulldog Shorthaired Persian
Pug Boxer Siamese
Dachshund Great Dane Abyssinian
English Bulldog Boston Terrier Ragdoll
German Shepherd Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie) Birman
Poodle  Shih Tzu Oriental
Rotweiller  Chihuahua American Shorthair
Siberian Husky   Saint Bernard Tonkinese
If you’re a representative of a breed-specific rescue organization and would like to provide your take on adopting your breed, contact us. We’d love to add tips and information that is specific to adopting them.

If these aren't the breeds you're looking for, make sure to use our search page.  We've got many more breeds to choose from. Just choose the breed you want to adopt and find one in your city.  We even have many dogs available of new, "hybrid" breeds like Labradoodles and Puggles.  


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