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After you adopt your pet, they quickly become a part of your family. They help make your walks an adventure and your house a home. We suggest filling the walls of that home with pictures of your pets. Pets combine the innocence of a child with the energy of a teenager.

Pets live in the moment – it’s the only way they know how to live. This uninterrupted spirit means they always have an energy and a mood to reflect exactly how they are feeling. Getting the perfect picture of your pet that reflects this can provide a life-long memory of that perfect moment.

While we all love to snap pictures of our furry family members, the best pictures are still done by the professionals. Finding a good pet photographer may be harder than you think. Remember…it’s an art, not just a service. Capturing the emotion of the moment takes a very special personality. Plus, patience is more of a virtue with pets than with us.

Check out a few guest blog posts from some great professional pet photogaphers to get a better understanding of the value they add.


We suggest starting with our pet listings to help you on your search for that perfect professional pet photographer.   If you're in Canada, make sure to check out our 2011 Pet Search Party Professional Pet Photography Contest Winner on our Montreal Listing below.

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If you are going to take your own pictures instead, start with these tips.  

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