Find Pet Insurance for your Dog or Cat

The quality of health care for pets is progressing quickly causing veterinary costs to rise. Yet, many people don't take this in to account when they rescue a dog or cat from the local shelter or rescue organization.  Pet insurance is quickly becoming a necessity when protecting the long term health of your dog or cat.  Having this protection will provide piece of mind and allow you to take your furry family member to the vet without having to worry about the impact on your finances. 

Finding the right pet insurance is tough.  It's a foreign idea to most new pet owners, so how do you know who to trust?  We suggest Embrace Pet Insurance.  They are up front on the coverages and will walk you through everything you need to know.  However, do your homework!  There a few things you'll need to consider before choosing a plan.  Click on the logo below or here to find out more about Embrace's plans.  

Deductible vs. Monthly Cost

For most providers, there is an inverse relationship between your deductible and monthly premium.  If you don't anticipate many claims, you are better off choosing a high deductible.  If you want more protection or if you anticipate needing to file claims, you should pick a lower deductible.

What Is Covered?

While most providers cover basic services, there is a wide range of additional services that may or may not be covered.  It is very important that you go through these services so there are no surprises.  Read, read, read! Pet Embrace covers more under their traditional plans than most other companies including:

  • Full Coverage Plans
  • Accident Plans
  • Drug Coverage
  • Wellness and Dental Plans
  • Breed-specific Conditions ***Very Important***
  • Cancer Coverage
  • Alternative Therapy Coverage
  • Emergency Room and Specialist Care



Many providers exclude the most expensive types of conditions, such as hip dysplatia.  Many of these are breed-specific.  Some companies will offer a "rider", which allows you to buy the additional coverage for more expensive issues. This could mean the difference in being able to afford the care you need for your dog or cat.  Embrace Pet Insurance build much of this coverage directly in to their plans.  Don't be fooled by other companies that may have lower initial monthly charges.  They may not cover the most expensive aspects of your dog's needed coverage.  

Payout Limits

The lifetime and per incident payout limits appears to be where the biggest variances are between the major pet insurance companies.  Make sure to review any plan you get for payout limits.  You will also want to take in to account the specfic potential health issues that relate to the breed of dog or cat that you have.  If the potential issues are expensive ones, you may want to make payout limits a higher priority.


We wouldn't recommend making a choice based on company size, but we would recommend that you choose a company that has stable underwriters.  You're looking for a company that is underwritten by an AM Best A+ rated insurance company.  We don't want to get in to the huge amounts of calculations that goes in to providing insurance.  Let the experts do that. Also make sure they are a Better Business Bureau accredited business.  Embrace Pet Insurance is both!

Why Choose Embrace Pet Insurance?


  • Customer service is rated 9 out of 10
  • Genetic condition / breed-specific coverage is built in to plans - no riders needed!
  • No benefit schedules
  • Customizable plans
  • Use any veterinarian - no networks
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