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We feel that a company should only offer products that it believes in. That's why we don't run a superstore full of every product you could imagine because we feel we should promote products, businesses and services we feel are the biggest impact to your life in regards to your pets.  We also feel that getting great deals and value is just as important.
Organic Wines From Pet Search Party
We've worked with our friends at Benefit Wines to bring you a full line of organic Chilean wines.  With organically grown grapes from La Fortuna winery, you'll find a wine for almost any occassion while helping to support Pet Search Party in the proces.  Whether your drinking for the love of wine or pairing for that perfect dinner, these wines do not disappoint.  We love them wines and think you will too! Find your perfect organic wine while helping us support lost, found and adoptable pets!

Daily Deals at doggyLoot

Finding great deals on pet products isn't hard to do, but finding blowout deals is.  doggyLoot is the easiest way to save moneyevery day on products you use consistently with your pet.  Many times, you'll find those higher priced items that you just couldn't buy at full price. By clicking on this link, you'll get great deals while also supporting Pet Search Party.

Pet ID Tags - A Must Have Product at a Great Price
If you’ve ever had to search for a lost dog or cat, you’ve probably had the following questions running through your head.Pet ID Tags - blanket ID
  • Does the collar tag have the right phone number on it?
  • What about the address?


If you have previously micro-chipped your dog, you may still have concerns.
  • What if someone other than a vet or shelter ends up with our pet?
  • What if the shelter does not have a scanning machine or does not know to scan our pet?
  • Is my contact information up-to-date?
  • Does the shelter have a scanning machine? They are so expensive!
  • Is the person at the shelter or vet qualified to do the scan?
The blanket ID tag puts all of these concerns to rest. By keeping an online registration online for your pet, anyone who finds your pet always has a way to contact you. The listing has vets, shelters, and anyone who finds your pet sees everything from a photo of your pet, to your contact info, to conditions and special needs of your pet. They also offer a LOST poster just like we do. This is a great complimentary service to using Pet Search Party to get your lost pets back home. 

The best part is that our great friends at blanket are willing to offer our community a $3 discount by using the code “PetSearchParty” at checkout (all one word). The price is right. The service is great. The tags look awesome. You’ll search high and low to find a better value when it comes to the safety of your pet.   Read our review of this product here and use the code below to get yours!

Dyson Animal Vacuums - The Best Way to Clean Up Pet Hair and Dander

Purchase the Animal Series Vacuum Today!One of the only annoying things about having your pets is that you need to clean your house constantly.  If you're not brushing them, you'll need to be vacuuming your floors.  We understand this as our Co-founders are allergy sufferers.  That's why we offer these great Dyson offers.  We've noticed a huge difference in the ability and performance of Dyson products versus anything else we've ever used.  Dog and cat hair is notoriously hard to clean up, so you'll need a vacuum that has the best suction.  Dyson's are the best.  For this reason, we feel they are the best home cleaning product we could possibly offer.  If you click the link to on our page, you get a great deal and help to support Pet Search Party and it's social mission.  

If you want a real, honest opinion on these vacuums, contact us on our Facebook page.  We'd gladly give you some advice on how we use this product to help keep our home clean even with a heavy shedding breed.  We truly believe in this product and use it every week.  You can use it on hardwood, carpet, tile, and furniture too!

Free asthma and allergy kit (valued at $69.99) with purchase of any new canister or upright vacuum at www.dyson.com through January 16, 2012.


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