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Go Pet Friendly LogoGoPetFriendly allows you to search for and locate pet friendly hotels, campgrounds, restaurants, beaches, wineries, shopping centers, off-leash dog parks and much more. Review detailed hotel pet policies and then find a great deal, because GoPetFriendly links up with the leading reservation sites. The unique Roadtrip Planner even makes planning a road trip simple. Use of the website is free, and pet-friendly establishments are not charged for their listing. Connect with GoPetFriendly on their blog, Twitter and Facebook.




Pups The Traveling Labrador LogoPups The Traveling Labrador is a Stuffed Black Labrador that brings real fun everywhere he goes.  He’s traveled all over the world for four years, including Australia, Japan, Canada, Barbados, St. Kitts, Caracos, Antigua, San Fransisco, Seattle, Kansas, New York, Wisconsin, Texas, Connecticut and more.  He visits for a week, tours the state, takes photos with pals and reports on his blog.  Check them out at:!

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