Organic pet solutionsOrganic and holistic foods aren’t just for humans! The same benefits you enjoy by eating organic can also apply to your dog or cat. With all the recent information surrounding food recalls, are you ready to think about a different and safer way to look at your pet’s food? The general pet industry has regulations from the FDA, but the organic seal means that even organic pet food has to meet the same requirements as food intended for human consumption. Unlike in the European Union, pet food in the U.S. does not need to be labeled as "fit for human consumption" or "not fit for human consumption".  


That doesn't leave a lot of options for consumers to find food that has that extra level of regulatory scrutiny applied to it.  We suggest that, if you don't want to make your pet's own food, you try searching for an organic dog and cat food that you like.  But first, find out what organic means to you and your pet.


Organic - Good For Your Pet (and you too)


Organic - Good for the Earth

What Does Organic Mean and Are Organic Foods Better For You?
The best part about feeding your pets organic foods isn't what is in them, it's what isn't in them.  Many industrial farms give their livestock and chicken antibiotics because they live in such close quarters.  Large farming operations use synthetic chemicals on their crops.  Some produce is shipped well before it is ripe and then is sprayed with gas that ripens it when it reaches its destination.  Organic foods ensure that your pet does not ingest any of these unnatural ingredients in their food.  When you choose organic, you choose a more pure type of food.
Genetically Modified Organisms are in much of the food we eat today. Corn and soybean farmers regularly use seeds that have been modified to resist harsh chemicals contained in pesticides.   The idea is that farmers can spray large amounts of pesticides on plants without having to worry about killing them. This is a problem from two directions. The first is that much more pesticide is being sprayed on the food you eventually eat. The second is that the jury is still out on if genetically modified food is safe to eat regardless of the pesticides sprayed on it.  
Dog and Cat Food Recalls
We’re sure you’ve noticed the increase in frequency of dog and cat food recalls in the news lately. While organic pet foods are not completely immune from dangers causing pet food recalls, organic farming puts emphasis on food quality and safety while industrial farming may not. We understand that your pet’s health and safety is important to you. It starts with what food you feed them. 

Lower Environmental Impact and Sustainable Farming
Organic products require that they are produced in a way that is minimally invasive and wasteful. As you may have seen in movies like “Food, Inc.”, the impact on the environment that industrial food producers are having is enormous. Plus, we’re not 
finding that it may not actually be producing food at cheaper costs like the big companies would like you to believe. Organic farming or sustainable farming is a more responsible way to produce the food we feed our pets with.  
Pesticides, Antibiotics and Chemicals
Organic food production has strict limits on the types of fertilizers that can be used in farming and the types of supplements that can be given to cattle. The most tangible example is how antibiotics given to cows may have directly resulted in the decreasing effectiveness in antibiotics in humans. 
Family-Friendly Farms
Organic farms tend to be smaller operations. This is a GOOD thing! The benefits of having a less industrial farm industry is employing more people per food unit produced while being more synergistic with the environment.  
Organic Labeling in the U.S. and Canada
While both countries support the concept of "organic", they have different methodologies in how they approach it.  Some might say the U.S. has slightly stricter standards, but you make the call with our high level review of organic labeling differences.  Even looking at the varying definitions of voluntary food labels will change your mind on how you feed yourself and your pets.



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