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The health and safety of your pet is an important aspect to their overall wellbeing. Pet Search Party believes that information is the strongest ally you can have in keeping your dog or cat healthy and safe. While there are many widely available products and services that can greatly enhance your pet's health or contribute to their safety, we focus on providing information on organic, holistic, and eco-friendly pet solutions. 
With all the dog and cat food recalls happening lately, we feel the best way to be proactive on protecting your pet is to learn about the food and farming industry. Organic pet foods provide choices to you about the ingredients in your pet’s food to a degree you haven’t been able to control before. Buying organic also supports more sustainable farming techniques that can be considered to be easier on the environment. 
Holistic Remedies
The co-founders of Pet Search Party have both been positively affected by holistic remedies and thus feel that using them to supplement western medicine approaches can be beneficial to your pets. Everything from allergies to arthritis can be treated by holistic alternatives. This helps to cut down on the number of synthetic drugs you and your pet come in to contact with. 
Eco-Friendly and Environmentally Safe
The environment needs our help! On top of the saying “reduce, reuse, recycle”, we should also focus on the impact of the products we buy. If you buy doggie bags, cleaners, or toys, consider the impact they have on the environment. We’re betting you can find the product you usually would get, but at less of an impact
One of the single most important choices when you get a dog or cat is the veterinarian you trust them to. You can use the links on our Veterinarians page to get you started in your search. Also, make sure to keep information about an emergency vet available at all times. Take in to account location, price, reputation, and specialties.
Tagging and Micro-chipping Your Animal
At Pet Search Party, our primary mission is to get your pets back home. Tagging or micro-chipping your dog or cat is one of the best ways to ensure that happens. Make sure you put a current tag on your pet's collar. If you micro-chip and your pet is returned to a vet or shelter, they can simply scan your dog or cat to find your information. If you keep your information current in regards to the tag or chip, you'll have your family member back in no time. It's a simple, non-invasive procedure that your pet will not notice. We've done a little research on the new breed of tags - check out what we found.
Do You Need Pet Insurance?
Everyone needs to take a close look at how they want to care for their pet. If you feel you're going to have frequent trips to the vet, then you should definitely look at pet insurance. Visit our pet insurance page to see how to get a free rate quote.
We’ve all heard of the rash of pet food recalls in the last few years. We're going to list the ones we find out about on our site to help you keep in the know. If you hear of one and it’s not listed on our site – let us know!
Traveling with Pets
Your pets can get very stressed out when they travel. The least we can do is provide them with safe and sound traveling along with pet-friendly accommodations when they arrive. Check out our partners to see the best way to find both.
Dog and Cat Medications
One of the first thing you need to do after adoption is get your pet on the appropriate medication. As soon as their ready, we suggest using 1800 Pet Meds to get the best prices. By clicking through us, you'll help us spread adoption awareness across the U.S. and Canada!
Featured Experts
Periodically, we will help our community by providing timely and topical information about pet-related issues on our site and on our blog from industry experts. Our current featured vet is Julio Lopez. Dr. Julio Lopez received his veterinary degree from Cornell University. He practices in Los Angeles at the world-renowned California Animal Hospital Veterinary Specialty Group, where he completed a one-year rotating internship and is currently in the final year of a small animal internal medicine residency.
Besides his clinical responsibilities to his patients and clients, Dr. Lopez teaches interns and senior veterinary students and has lectured on various medical topics. He serves as co-director of the Zoobiquity Conference and the Zoobiquity Research Initiative.
Dr. Lopez created ExpertVet after he noticed his clients were consistently being misinformed about their pets health by the information they read online. You can follow him on Twitter where he provides information about pet health you can trust. Check out his guest blog post on non-anesthetic dental procedures in the Pet Search Party blog, Pet Peeves. To see more information to help ensure your pet's safety in veterinary procedures, follow @ExpertVet on


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