Search for Vancouver, British Columbia Veterinarians and Pet Hospitals

Finding the right businesses for your pet services is important for both you and your pet's happiness.  We've compiled a list of places to start for the most important service you need - a great veterinarian.  Make sure to take in to account your pet's needs and personality before making your decision.  If you find a pet-related business that has been outstanding for you, please let us know on and we'll give them a shout out.


Make sure to check out more pet related information and services for Vancouver as well.  


Vancouver Emergency Vets / Pet Hospitals

Name:  Alta Vista Animal Hospital

Location:  4543 Dunbar Street, Vancouver, British Columbia V6S 2G7

Contact:  604-221-5858


Name:  Granville Island Veterinary Hospital

Location: 1635 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia V6J 1L8

Contact:  604-734-7744


Name:  North Shore Veterinary Clinic

Location: 227 Mountain Highway, North Vancouver, British Columbia V7J 3P2

Contact:  604-980-0440


Name:  Seymour Animal Care Clinic

Location:  1018 Deep Cove Road, North Vancouver, British Columbia V7G 1S3

Contact:  604-929-7367

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