Get your pet back with blanketID and Pet Search Party

We at Pet Search Party understand the various challenges with getting your dog, cat, or other pets back after losing them.  There is the impending search, calling of shelters, putting up poster, and worrying.  Whether it is micro-chipping or putting tags on your pet's collar, you can help bring them back home in a hurry.  Pet Search Party has done a lot of research about this idea.  We feel that the first, and maybe best, way to protect your pet is to have the "new breed" of tags on your pet's collar.


Micro-chipping is only useful if someone takes them to a shelter, animal hospital, or rescue organization that can read them.  Since they are invisible, those of us in the public may not even know they are there.  Traditional tags can become out of date if you move or change your phone number.  This can make them useless in a lost and found situation.  We feel that the easiest, cheapest, and least physically intrusive solution is to make sure you have the correct contact information on your pet's tag.  After reviewing several brands, we decided to take a blanketID for a test drive.  Here are our thoughts.


Step 1 - Order Your Tag

The purchasing and receiving of the tag was quick and easy.  The tags themselves are available in many different styles to match almost any collar color scheme.  It shows up in a small envelope with instructions on how to set up the protection.


Step 2 - Account Setup and Tag Registration

The account set up is pretty straight forward.  You enter all the same type of information you would for most online accounts.  Then you enter in the number on the back of the tag you received as well as the PIN number from the pamphlet inside.    


Step 3 - Enter Pet Information

Many of the fields are similar to ones you'd use on when uploading a lost listing.  You can (and should) upload a picture.  We like that it also includes information about the veterinarian of your pet.  This is particularly useful if your pet is injured or sick when found.  It also has an area where you can write general characteristics of your pet.


Step 4 - Return to blanketID If Your Pet Becomes Lost

If unfortunate events occur and your dog, cat, or other pet becomes lost, you'll return to the website to indicate your pet is lost.  blanketID will send out mass emails to SPCA, animal hospitals and shelters throughout Canada and The United States.  You can also print out a poster just like on our site to help with your own search.  Your phone number will be put on the poster as the primary source of contact.   


Overall, we were very pleased in the ease of use, overall fashion, and simplicity of effectiveness of this product.  It is a simple, low cost way to protect your pet.  Between Pet Search Party and effective collar tags like blanketID, you can help protect your dog, cat or other pet and ensure they come home safely.

There is one more VERY important consideration when choosing a company like blanket ID.  They donate more than 15% of their profits to Blanket Fund for Animals, which is dedicated to helping animals in need.  In today's complex business environment, supporting social enterprises like this is the least we can do.  

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