Search for a pet photographer in Orange County, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Cypress, Gardena, Santa Ana

You must be looking for a pet photographer in Orange County, so we’ve put together a few suggestions for your area. Make sure that your pet is comfortable with anyone you choose or the pictures won’t turn out the way you want them to. However, we’re confident that the unique personalities of photographers that can handle dogs and cats will bring out the best in your pet. Make sure to upload some of your favorites to our Facebook page for everyone to see!


Orange County provides the a wide variety of potential backdrops to your photo shoot.  It has world-reknowned weather beach-goers.  The architecture and cities in the region are of both modern and classic central American design.  We have no doubt that a professional pet photographer can get great shots of your pet for you to cherish forever.  


Tustin Dog and Cat Photographers

Name:  Blueyedawg - Orange County Pet Photography

Location:  284 South Prospect Avenue, Tustin, CA

Contact:  (714) 617-4081

Costa Mesa Dog and Cat Photographers

Name:  Creative Vision Photography

Location: 400 Old Newport Boulevard, Newport Beach, CA

Contact:  (714) 838-9996

Huntington Beach Pet Photography

Name:  Vanessa Honda Photography

Location: 316 Olive Avenue, Huntington Beach, CA

Contact:  (949) 553-2434

Mission Viego Pet Photography

Name:  Just Dogs with Sherri

Location: Mission Viejo, CA 92691

Contact:  (949) 246-5385

Newport Beach Pet Photography

Name:  scratch and sniff dog photography

Location: Newport Boulevard, Newport Beach, CA

Contact:  (734) 276-0100

Santa Ana Pet Photography

Name:  Whinny and Snap Photography

Location: Santa Ana, CA


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