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With a contrast of the concrete jungle and sprawling green parks, Milwaukee is a beautiful city that is a perfect place to have pets. Milwaukee always offers a variety of fun to have with your dog or cat: from street fairs to pet-friendly restaurants.
Be Our Guests
Milwaukee has over a hundred beautiful parks for human use. While many of these parks allow your furry friend to join you on a leash, there are also a small variety of off-leash parks for you to choose from throughout the city.
There are currently five dog exercise areas in the county. Residents for Off-Leash Milwaukee Dog Park’s provide up-to-date information on current and future parks, as well as a schedule for pet-friendly events. 
The off-leash parks in Milwaukee County require a permit for use. These permits can be purchased either daily or yearly, and can be purchased through Milwaukee County.
Remember to brush up on your dog park etiquette before taking the trip. It’s also important to know the rules of the parks. This will make a friendly and safe environment for owners and pets alike. Help keep the city clean by always cleaning up after your four-legged pal.
Milwaukee offers a wide variety of pet-friendly restaurants. Over twenty restaurants welcome you and your furry friend. Many restaurants offer patio seating that is pet-friendly during the warm season where they can sit with you at your table. Your pet can enjoy a bowl of water to stay comfortable while you enjoy your meal.   
Summertime in the Midwest can get hot. Beat the heat by attending a summer street fair. There are a wide variety of street fairs that welcome in pets with open arms. Many neighborhood fairs also offer pet-related activities. 

Pet Care and Photography
Milwaukee offers many retail stores for your pets. There are locations on Milwaukee’s East Side and downtown that sell goods for a variety of species. Some of these stores are locally owned, such as Metropawlis in the Third Ward and Bark ‘n’ Scratch Outpost that is family owned.
Many of these locations also offer grooming facilities to keep your pet looking good. After a good groom, be sure to check out local photography studios to get your pet’s photograph taken. Although there are no pet-specific studios within in the city, there are some studios that are located in outside suburbs that are bound to capture your pet’s personality perfectly.
Health Care
Veterinarians are vital in keeping your pet healthy and happy. Be sure to find a vet that you can trust. Finding a veterinarian that fits your pet is as important as finding a doctor for yourself. Milwaukee offers many facilities, especially in the surrounding suburbs.
Remember to get your pets licensed. Visit the MADACC office or register your dog online at their official web site ( ). This way, you can be responsible for your pet. In the case that your dog or cat gets lost, having your pet license will be the fastest way to get them returned to you.
Finding a Good Home
You can find a new pet by using Pet Search Party’s “Search Listings” page. There are pets in the Milwaukee area that need to be adopted. This site makes sure of the well-being of pets trying to find their home. Always take into consideration which pet will be the best fit for you and your lifestyle. 


Content provided by Krista Culbertson, Pet Search Party contributing writer.


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