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Pet Adoption in Los Angeles

Having pets in L.A. is a blast. The perfect weather, pet-minded people, and various terrains are perfect for almost any type of pet. You can hit the beach and play some fetch, take a hike in the mountains, or even teach your dog to surf! There are many well-known dog parks in the area including Redondo Beach, Pasadena, Los Angeles, San Pedro and Huntington Beach, which is actually a dog-beach. Many restaurants have outside seating and allow your dog to sit on the outside of the area while you eat. The historic Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team even does an annual “Bark In The Park” game where people can bring their dogs.


One of the most famous spots to see people and their dogs is at the boardwalk at Venice Beach. It’s not only a culturally important area for all of L.A., but a great place to see skateboarding Bulldogs.

Since L.A. is such a dog-friendly city, it is not hard to find the services you need. Besides your obvious needs like finding a veterinarian, the pet industry is huge in SoCal. You’ll find plenty of groomers, pet-sitters and walkers, doggy day cares, and boarding businesses in almost every neighborhood. Plus, in true Hollywood style, Los Angeles is a leader in the luxury pet market. You can take your pets to faux pet-restaurants or by them Rodeo Drive-style collars and accessories. There is truly something for every pet owner in Los Angeles.


L.A. also has a huge animal welfare and non-profit population to support the pet friendly lifestyle. The city and its non-profit organizations are national leaders in animal welfare awareness and action programs. Organizations like the spcaLA, The Jason Heigl Foundation, and the Lange Foundation are great places to start, but there are many, many more. Almost every city has their own animal shelter or rescue organization that can help you find your lost pet or adopt a dog or cat in need.


Los Angeles loves dogs and cats of all types, but has a special place in it's heart for Bulldogs.  They are an iconic pet for beach lovers and skateboarders.  If you are a beach bum, find a local Bulldog to adopt and chill out.


Find a Veterinarian In Los Angeles

Have you recently adopted or rescued a dog or cat in Los Angeles? Your next step is to find a good veterinarian in the L.A. area. You'll want to make sure your pet is as healthy as can be. The good thing is that L.A. has tons of veterinarians around. You should be able to find a good one near your place. Regardless of the vet you choose, make sure to also take note of an emergency 24-hour animal hospital near your place. You just don’t know when you’ll need to take your dog or cat in after they’ve shown some signs of something serious.


Pet Related Jobs in Los Angeles

During these tough times, you may be reassessing your employment situation.  If you like pets, you may want to think about getting a job or pursing a long-term career in the pet industry.  In the U.S. and Canada, spending on pets has been going up.  This means more stable jobs in the industry.  Start your search with our L.A. pet jobs search tool.

You Need Insurance For Your Dog Or Cat!

There are so many unexpected costs to owning a pet. Buying pet insurance will not only give you piece of mind for the big issues, but will actually reduce your costs for your pet’s regularly needed medications and care. From bordetella shots, to teeth cleanings, to the unexpected accidents, you should take in to consideration getting pet insurance. Start here to educate yourself on what pet insurance can do for the long term care of your new dog or cat.

Pet Photography in Los Angeles

Many new pet owners are absolutely in love with their new dogs and cats. We suggest going to a pet photographer to get some pictures to keep around your house. You'd be surprised what an excellent photographer can do with a camera and a boisterous pet. Just take a look at the picture on our pet photography page and you'll know what we mean.



Have you lost your dog or cat in Los Angeles?

Losing a pet can be a very stressful event.  Searching the area and calling local shelters may not be enough to bring them home.  Pet Search Party provides it's users with a free ways to help find their lost furry family member.



  • Create an account and upload a lost pet listing to our Pet Search Party database.  The listing can then come up from anyone doing a search in your area.  


  • Check our searchable database has thousands of listings from across the nation.  Our suggestion is to search all three of our categories - lost, found, and adoptable listings.  Someone may have already posting a found listing of your pet.


  • After you upload a searchable listing to our database, you can print out posters to pin up around your neighborhood.  This will increase the awareness of your neighbors and could help someone who's found your dog or cat to bring them back to you.  



Along with using our free service to help locate your lost pet, you should also do the following steps:


  • Contact your friends and neighbors.  You would be surprised on how effective this simple action can be.  It increases the number of eyeballs on the lookout for your dog or cat.  


  • Call your local animal control team.  They may have already received phone calls about your lost pet.  


  • Search your immediate area and take treats!  Remember how all the animals flock to the person who brings treats to the dog parK?


Adopting Dogs and Cats In Los Angeles

Adopting a new pet is a challenging and rewarding experience.  However, Los Angeles is one of the most pet friendly cities in the nation.  The weather and vast pet community is there to support you.  Areas like Huntington Beach and Ventura are world-famous for their pet events as well. 

Use our huge database of adoptable dogs and cats to find one that is perfect for you.  Make sure to ask yourself the following questions when figuring out the type of pet you're looking for.


  • Who is taking care of the pet?  What type of pet will compliment them well?


  • What age is appropriate?


  • How much exercise does the pet need and how much time do I have to do so?


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