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Only after you’ve gotten your new dog or cat home will you realize all the products you need to support their health and play time. ­Between toys, leashes, cleaners, shampoos, food dishes, puppy pads, dog beds or cat towers, your head will spin. With all the products you’ll be looking to buy, we urge you to consider eco-friendly products. 
Green dog and cat productsWhy Eco-Friendly Products?
The better question is why aren’t you buying more environmentally safe products? In most cases, they are just as good as the other products or even better. With each environmentally safe product you support, you tell companies that the Earth and profits can go hand in hand.
The issue of “pet safety” is becoming as complicated as our own safety. We’re finding out more and more that products we give and use on our dogs and cats can be unsafe. From chemicals in toys and pet products to the foods we feed them, pet parents need to be more conscious on what they’re putting in front of their furry family members. 
Cleaning Products and Shampoos
Keeping your pet and house clean can be a challenge.  You don’t want to use harsh cleaners on your floor only to have it come in contact with your dog or cat. You also don’t want to irritate their skin by using shampoos or other cleaners with chemicals.  
Toys, Collars, and Leashes
Most people think of green cleaners when they think of eco-friendly products. However, think renewable or recyclable as well. There are many eco-friendly products that are recyclable, use recycled material, or are made from 100% renewable materials. 
If you have a pet friendly product you’d like us to review on our blog, contact us through our Contact Us page. We’d love to see what you’re offering us to help green up the environment.  
Stain Cleaners
Doggie Bags
Leashes and Collars
Puppy Pads
Sugar Cane Dishes or paper based products
Beds and Blankets
Pet Clothes
Carriers and Totes
Pet Food Storage
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