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The co-founders of Pet Search Party realized that awareness of pet adoption is potentially the most impacting area in helping save lives of dogs, cats and other pets.  We’ve set out to do that by establishing our nonprofit organization.  However, just like almost all nonprofits, we need the public’s help in achieving our goals.  Any donation goes directly to supporting our operations in increasing pet adoption awareness.  Click on the donate button to help.  If you can’t help monetarily, you can also help the cause by helping share and recruit followers and fans of our Twittter and Facebook accounts.  Our formal nonprofit information is below to help give you a better understanding of us and our organization. 

Category (NTEE): D20 - Animal Protection and Welfare (includes Humane Societies and SPCAs)
Mission Statement
Pet Search Party is dedicated to creating a pet community that’s passionate about pet safety and the alternatives to pet euthanasia.

Impact Statement 
Pet Search Party works with pet aficionados (and soon-to-be aficionados), pet shelters and rescue organizations to reduce pet euthanasia through providing (1) easily searchable listings of adoptable pets from shelters & rescue organizations, (2) the ability to list lost pets (with printable poster) to get them home quickly, (3) list found pets to help humans find their pets, (4) up-to-date pet safety & welfare information and (5) by looking for additional avenues to increase animal welfare awareness. 
Background Statement
Established by co-founders Mala Chana and Joseph & Jamie Hewitt, Pet Search Party is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a simple but powerful focus: to decrease the number of pets euthanized every year by assisting individuals in finding  lost pets, returning found pets, and adopting homeless pets from your local pet shelters and rescue organizations. Our online presence, a professionally designed website, provides immediate access to information, services and a supporting database of over 90,000 lost/found/adoptable pets; most of which are a direct feed from local/national pet shelters and rescues.  We’re also on Facebook & Twitter!  We’re expanding and promoting our online community through community and company partnerships, local pet fairs and national pet trade shows, online and traditional marketing of appropriate pet products and services, … and we’re most proud of our grassroots efforts.  It’s how we started and how we mean to go on.  And did we mention we cover the United States AND Canada too?
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