Adopt An English Bulldog - No Breeder Needed

In our opinion, the English Bulldog is the most recognizable dog breed. With its stocky frame and wrinkly face, it has a unique appearance that makes it one of the most popular breeds in the U.S. and Canada. However, don’t let the tough look fool you. They are generally an easy-going dog. They are considered to be a great companion dog and love to be around people.

Energy, Temperament, and Families
While the English Bulldog breed is not generally easy to train, their easy going nature makes up for it. They may seem lazy, but “stubborn” is a better word. Being around their family is all they want. Their patience and attitude makes them a great family dog even with small children. They are a tough breed, so they can put up with a little unintended rough-housing from children. They do tend to suffer from separation anxiety though, so make sure you give them the attention they need.
The English Bulldog is great with other dogs and is generally not very aggressive. You will see many multi-pet owners walking an English Bulldog and another breed. Their self assurance comes through in their demeanor. But, make no mistake, they can defend themselves. 
English Bulldogs can tend to be messy though. Their unique face includes jowls and a shorter snout. Drinking water isn’t the challenge. Keeping it in their mouth is. You’ll want to keep a towel around their water dish to mop up after drinking. Sometimes drool is also an issue. If you have food around, you’ll want to find that towel again.  
A short, tight coat is one of the better traits of the breed. While every dog needs regular brushing, you won’t need to do it often with the English Bulldog. Their coat is thin though, so make sure to keep them out of excessive sunlight. You don’t want your dog to get skin cancer.
Unique Health Issues
Unfortunately, the English Bulldog has a lot of potential health issues ranging from bothersome to serious.   We highly recommend getting pet insurance for this breed. We recommend going with a more expensive plan that covers more issues and does not require a rider for certain conditions. You could end up saving money in the long run. See who we recommend.
Hip dysplasia is a major problem for English Bulldog as it statistically has the condition more than any other breed. Other health issues include:
  • Cherry eye
  • Cysts between their toes
  • Allergies
Adopt an English Bulldog - No need for a breederHeat is also a concern with English Bulldogs aw well as their shorter snout makes it harder for them to regulate their heat. They can withstand short amounts of high activity, but make sure to account for resting when exercising your Bulldog, especially in the summer.
Breeding and Breeders
The body style of the English Bulldog makes for very complicated pregnancies. Many times, a Cesarean section is needed since the puppies’ heads are too big for the birth. Sadly, many of the mothers are lost during birth. For this reason, it makes the breed one of the most expensive pure breed dogs if you go to a breeder. For these reasons, it is so important to visit a shelter or rescue organization instead of going to a breeder. You’ll help keep down the demand for breeders, which literally saves dogs lives, and save yourself money too. It’s win-win, so why go to a breeder?

Featured English Bulldog Rescue
Our featured rescue group for this breed is the Chicago English Bulldog Rescue.  They are located in Oswego, IL, just outside of Chicago.  Not only do they help find their dogs new homes, but they will help you if you have the unfortunate issue of having to find a new home for your pet.  If you are in the area and want to rescue an English Bulldog, check them out!
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