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The Siberian Husky is an amazing dog with striking good looks and gorgeous eyes. This breed is easy to train, outgoing, very affectionate and friendly to everyone. The Husky not a guard dog by nature and will probably make friends with the burglar, but some people might be intimidated by his wolf-like appearance. They are very social dogs and love the company of other dogs and humans. Bred to keep their owners warm at night in the snowy regions, they love to snuggle if given the chance.

Huskies are extremely energetic, wanting to run and play every day, particularly in the morning when they are well rested. They love to wrestle, chase, and play rough with other dogs. In fact, if you don't provide them with their daily exercise, they may very well take their frustration out on your favorite chair. They're also very smart and need mental stimulation as well... a bored or lonely Husky can be a destructive Husky. They love to explore and will usually find a way to do it, either by opening doors and drawers, or digging under (or climbing over) your fence. A six-foot fence will usually be enough to contain them, if reinforced at the base so that they don't dig under it. They don't bark very much but love to "talk" and sometimes howl.

Huskies are wonderful jogging and biking companions as they were bred to run long distances. If you take your dog biking or scootering with you, don't expect to get much exercise, as he will probably pull you along. You might even decide to join in the fun with one of the many dog scootering clubs and competitions around the country. But remember, your Husky may also take off without you if you leave your front door open or take him outside off the leash. And he can run a lot faster and farther than you can.

Huskies do have a higher prey drive than most breeds. Generally speaking, small animals (and probably cats) entering your yard will usually wind up dead. However, there are always exceptions to any rule, and many Huskies get along famously with cats. Family pets such as rabbits, mice or hamsters will almost always be seen as fair game to your Husky, so be careful. Keep them securely caged and out of reach when your Husky is around.

Huskies are an absolutely gorgeous dog with coats that are very thick and soft. They can have either blue, amber, or brown eyes, or can have one of blue and one brown.  There are even variants that have blue and brown in the same eye.  They have an undercoat of fur that insulates them from both heat and cold. Your Husky will adapt to Florida heat better than many other breeds. NEVER shave their coat! This damages the coat and leaves their skin vulnerable to sunburn. Huskies are very easy to groom and only require occasional brushing. They shed more than other breeds and "blow" their coat once or twice a year, when a more thorough brushing is required.

Although Husky ownership can sometimes be a challenge, there is no other breed like them. Most Husky owners adore their dog and all their unique characteristics, and would never want another breed!

The above content was provided by The Siberian Husky Rescue of Florida.  Thanks guys!

If you live in Florida, there are many amazing and wonderful dogs waiting to be adopted or fostered through Siberian Husky Rescue of Florida. SHRF is a not-for-profit organization run entirely by volunteers, dedicated to rescuing stray, abused, surrendered and unwanted Siberian Huskies. All the rescued dogs are spayed or neutered, micro-chipped and provided with all necessary health care. They are then placed in loving foster homes, where they stay until they find their forever family.
If you don't live in Florida, but want to adopt or rescue a Siberian Husky or mix local to your area, start with our search.  It has pet listings from over 3,000 organizations all over the United States and Canada.
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