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The Pug is a small dog that was bred down to its current size to be a nice size for companionship.  They are most well known for their short, "smushed" snout that lends them to making snoring or snorting noises.  Often times they have an underbite.  The wrinkles in their face add to their unique cuteness.  While they can be energetic, their exercise is usually limited to short burts.  They are extremely stout and strong for a toy breed, but they are not aggressive by nature.


Temperment and Energy Level

While sometimes stubborn or strong-willed, the Pug is known as one of the friendliest breeds you'll find.  They are well natured with people and other dogs.  They are very tolerant of children as well, making them great for small families.  The Pug is energetic, but their physical limitations usually limit the lenght of time of where they are active.  While they don't make good guard dogs, they do make good watch dogs.  They are extremely attentive to their surroundings and can be vocal.



Pugs have a coarse but shiny coat.  It requires upkeep from a brushing standpoint.  They are heavy shedders that are challenging to keep up with.  However, the shortness of their fur means little additional upkeep past regular brushings.



The Pug's unique physical features are also it's biggest health concerns. Due to their short snouts, it is difficult for them to breath.  This means they will overheat in warmer climates.  Some airlines will not allow Pugs to fly with them due to the potential for high heat in the cargo area during a flight. This also causes them to have fits of "reverse sneezing", which is not inherently dangerous, but can raise their stress level.


Pugs also live a sedentary life, which will lend them to obeisity.  The amount of food a Pug gets needs to be closely monitored to keep them at a healthy weight.  We recommend checking with your veterinarian for a list of health issues that relate to the Pug.  While they're cute and personable, you want to make sure you have their needs covered.  Purchasing pet insurance should be a priority upon bringing your new family member home.  


If you're looking to rescue a pug, start with our search functionality or jump right to a small dog rescue in your area.  With all the Pugs out there in need of adoption, you won't need to go to a breeder.  Here are a few links to get you started.  


Rescue Groups for Pugs:



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If you'd like more information on the Pug breed, start with Wikipedia.

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