Search for a Labrador Retriever - No Breeder Needed!

The Labrador Retriever is consistently considered to be the most popular pure breed dog in both the United States and Canada.  But, you don't have to go to a breeder to get them.  There are thousands ofadoptable pure breed Labs all over the country.  You can find one to fit your current needs.  If you're looking for a Lab puppy you can train or an older Lab to relax with, they are out there and waiting to be adopted.



Labs arguably have the best personality of any large dog.  Their happy-go-lucky attitude are one of the reasons they are the most sought after breed in North America.  They a very trainable, loyal, and playful.  



Labs are traditionally well-mannered dogs that are considered to be extremely trainable.  They are great with kids, seniors, and everyone in between.  Labrador Retrievers do require more exercise than most dogs though, so you need to make sure you intend to put reasonable effort in to their play time in their younger years.  Without proper exercise, Labs can seem over-excited.


Labrador Training for Tricks

Labs are one of the most trainable dogs around.  Check out this clicker training video that shows a Labrador puppy doing a variety of tricks!





The Labrador Retriever is a physically strong dog, but it has a few inherited issues that can arise.  Elbow and hip dysplasia are both serious and costly.  They can also have eye disorders such as cataracts, corneal dystrophy, and retinal atrophy.  Due to the variety of documented health trends in Labrador Retrievers, we highly recommend getting pet insurance even if you need to buy an additional rider to cover the above issues.  You will be very grateful that you have it when you need it.  


Labrador Retrievers as Working Dogs

Labs are chosen regularly to be trained as service dogs.  The combination of their temperament, size, and trainability make these dogs perfect matches to many types of services.  From hiking, helping the disabled, hunting, and therapy, these dogs are up for almost any challenge.  If you're ready to adopt America and Canada's top pure breed dog, start here or try these quicklinks.






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