Adopt a Labradoodle - No Breeder Needed

The Labradoodle is perhaps the most recognizable “hybrid” breed. It is a cross between a Poodle and a Labrador that was originally bred together to get the low shedding of the Poodle breed mixed with the temperament and trainability of the Labrador. It looks like the approach has worked since so many Labradoodle owners rave about their dog. 
Energy, Temperament and Personality
While the color and coat combinations of the Labradoodle are still unpredictable, the personality and temperament seems to have really settled in to something special. They are friendly, patient, and energetic like their parents. Aggression towards other dogs is not an issue with this breed. They are trusting of humans and other dogs.
Intelligence is another great quality of this breed. The Labradoodle tends to be among the smartest breeds in the world (, which allows for them to be easily trained. They also seem to like training, sometimes seeking out commands from their owners.
Family and Children
You won’t find a better family dog than the Labradoodle. It has a famous patience with children and can put up with a little rough play time if need be. They do not shed much, so kids with allergies won’t be bothered as much with this dog. 
Rescue a Labradoodle - No Breeder NeededCoat
The coat is not yet consistent with this breed. I can be either wiry or soft and will generally be wavy, curly, and sometimes straight. However, the low amount of shedding is consistent across coat types. 
Unique Health Issues
The big health issue for the Labradoodle is hip dysplatia. Both the Poodle and the Labrador suffer from it and the condition carries down to this hybrid. To help protect you and your dog, we suggest getting pet insurance. Not only will you have much of your annual dog maintenance covered, but large items like hip dysplatia can be taken care of with less worry. Review your pet insurance carefully as some providers require a rider to pay for hip dysplatia coverage or don’t cover it at all. See who we recommend here

Breeding and Breeders

Due to the popularity of Labradoodles, there has been over-breeding in the last few years. Combine this with a down economy and you have a situation of over-crowded shelters. We suggest that you consider adopting or rescuing a Labradoodle before going to a breeder. Use our custom search or start looking with the quick links below.   

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