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The Golden Retriever is consistently ranked as one of the most popular breeds in the U.S.  In our opinion, this is due to three attributes of the breed: brains, looks, and family-friendliness.  It is a medium sized dog that is good in moderately sized homes and apartments.  It may be just a little to big for smaller dwellings. 



This breed is known as one of the most patient and tolerant breeds around.  They are extremely family, child, and other dog friendly.  They will put up with ear pulling from small children and are not usually aggressive towards other dogs or pets.  Their temperment actually makes them bad guard dogs.  While they are excitable in their younger years, this tends to fade as they get older.  Since it was originally bred and trained as a retiever of waterfowl like duck and geese, it retains an inner love for the water and is usually very happy in or around the water.  The Golden Retiever is often used as service or working dog for those with disabilities due to their unique combination of calmness and eagerness to learn.



The Golden Retriever coat is medium and glossy, which contributes heavily to their good looks.  However, it does require some maintenance to keep the coat in good shape.  Due to it's breeding as a working dog, they have an inner coat that causes a lot of shedding.  New pet parents will want to take this in to account when choosing a new pet.   



This breed does have some genetic disorders and diseases that owners must be aware of.  Hip and elbow dysplasia is common, so parents will want to make their pet insurance covers this or offers riders for it to ensure the long term health of your dog. Cancer and some kinds of heart conditions are also common in the breed.


If you'd like a pure breed Golden Retriever or a mix, don't go to a breeder.  Here are a few links to non-profits and direct links to help you find a pure breed or mixed Golden Retriever.  If your area isn't on the list, just use our search functionality at the top, right portion of this page to get started on a more detailed search.


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If you're still looking for information on the Golden Retriever, check out Wikipeia's entry on the breed.

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