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If you are looking for a dog with personality, energy, and spunk, the Beagle is for you.  They are a good size for medium-sized housing but really thrive with room to run.  They are hunting dogs by nature, so they love to search, sniff, and track.  Games of fetch should be left to the Labradors, but hide-and-seek is perfect for this dog.  

The Beagle is one of the most popular breeds in Canada and the United States.  The breed comes from a long heritage of hunting dogs and has held on those genetics well.  All you have to do is let a Beagle outside, and her nose will be to the ground immediately.  You won’t find a Beagle standing around at the dog park – they will be sniffing, sniffing, sniffing.  Due to this, they can be used as service dogs at places like airports to find illegal substances.
Barking and Temperment
Due to their strong “pack” mentality, Beagles tend to be very vocal.  They can be heavy barkers, so potential adopters need to be aware of their housing situation.  Beagles also do well with other dogs. They tend to play hard, but they are not usually aggressive.  Their playfulness generally makes them good family dogs as well.  Beagles are very tolerant of children poking them and pulling on their cute ears.  
Overall, the Beagle remains a very adoptable dog.  They have the personality and the cuteness to win over almost any potential pet parent. If you have a good situation for this Beagle attribute, you will be rewarded man times over with their affectionate attitude.  If you're ready to adopt a pure breed Beagle or mix instead of going to a breeder, start here!
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