Pet Photography Tips - Find a professional pet photographer

Search or find a pet photographer, dog photographer, cat photographerYour pets can be one of the biggest sources of inspiration in your life. You’ll want to have great pictures of them around to remind you of their influence. You can take pictures with your own phone or camera, but we recommend getting a professional once with each of your pets. Their experience allows them to create artwork of your pet that you’ll cherish your entire life. Professional pet photographers bring the ability to know how to get the best out of their sessions with your pet. 

We talk a lot with our friends on Facebook and Twitter about pet photography. Pet Search Party feels that the visual aspect of adoption awareness is one of the most important parts of pet adoption. Photographers, bring this to life, so we are grateful for them.
If you are going to take some pictures of your dog or cat, there are a few tips we’ve amassed from our pet photographer friends. 
Get down to their level – This makes them much more open to you approaching them. Only take pictures looking down on them if that’s you’re intended angle.
  • Use natural light wherever possible – Get outside if possible.
  • Focus on their eyes – They are the window to the soul and can be the most expressive part of their face.
  • Go to them – Don’t command them to sit or stay because you won’t get a truly genuine look.
  • Keep treats and toys around – These types of items will generate a great response when needed.
  • Focus on their face – Fill the shot and focus on their eyes. 
If you have a favorite pet photographer, or have recently had a great experience with one, please let us know. We’d love to give them a shout out on Facebook. If you’re looking for one, start with our professional pet photographer directory.
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