Search for Pet Photographers in Dallas, Ft. Worth, Arlington and more!

You must be looking for a pet photographer, so we’ve put together a few suggestions for your area. Make sure that your pet is comfortable with anyone you choose or the pictures won’t turn out the way you want them to. However, we’re confident that the unique personalities of photographers that can handle dogs and cats will bring out the best in your pet. Make sure to upload some of your favorites to our Facebook page for everyone to see!


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Dallas Pet Photographers

Name:  Cindy Gordon Photography

Location:  4669 Home Place, Plano, TX

Contact:  (214) 535-4367

Dallas Dog Photographer

Name:  Teresa Berg Photography

Location: 17194 Preston Road, Dallas, TX

Contact:  (972) 250-2415


Name:  Cozy Pet Photography

Location: 2754 Gaston Avenue, Dallas, TX

Contact:  (214) 383-3259

Arlington Pet Photographer

Name:  Pet Fur'tographer

Location: 939 Winterwood Court, Arlington, TX

Contact:  (817) 419-6592

Fort Worth Pet Photographer

Name:  Laura Lynne Daniels Photography

Location: Fort Worth, TX

Contact:  (817) 253-2441

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