About Pet Search Party

Pet Search Party understands the importance of pets in the family.  We understand the loss you feel if they are lost.  We understand it can be hard to take found dogs and cats to a shelter.  We understand and rescue organizations and shelters need to place their dogs and cats or be forced to make tough decisions.  

Pet Search Party is here to do what we can to increase the overall welfare of dogs and cats.  For us, that means getting pets in to homes and keeping them there.  Our basic service to the public is to provide a lost, found, and adoption service for dogs and cats.  If you lose a pet, post a listing on our site.  If you find a lost pet, post a listing on our site.  If you are looking to adopt a needy dog or cat, use our site to find one.  

Our Mission
Pet Search Party is dedicated to increasing animal welfare by keeping pets in their homes and finding pets new homes.  We provide information surrounding all aspects of caring for your cat or dog including traveling with your pet, pet health and safety, and finding products for your pet.    Pet Search Party will operate with the following goals in mind:

  • Increase pet adoption rates
  • Fight animal cruelty
  • Increase pet owner education
  • Increase overall pet welfare


Pet Search Party will continue to grow and work towards these goals with your help.  We welcome any and all input on what you need as a dog or cat owner.  We are constantly updating the content on our site and would like to hear what you need for your pets.  We’ll do our part to help where we can.  Thanks for visiting and spread the word!

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 The Pet Search Party

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