If you’ve lost your dog or cat or are looking to rescue a pet from an animal shelter, we’re here to help. Finding your dog or cat and helping to bring them home is our top priority.

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Lost, Found, and Adoptable Dogs and Cats


Pet Search Party News of the Day - Firefighters Revive Dog From Burning Home

The Pet Search Party Mission

The mission of our 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (please donate!) is to increase the overall welfare of dogs, cats, and other pets. For Pet Search Party, that means getting lost pets back home and adoptable ones in to new homes. By doing this, we will see a downward trend of animals that need to be euthanized. One of the most important aspects of achieving this goal is adoption awareness, but we continue to work on finding new ways increase the reach of our effort.

Since more and more of us feel that our pets are part of the family, their health and safety are very important. You make important choices every day on what to feed them, how to protect them, how to medicate them and what to clean them with. For this reason, we also focus on providing you information on organic, holistic, and eco-friendly products and services.

Organic Solutions for Your Pet

Organic Pet FoodWith pet food recalls coming fast and frequently, how can you trust that the food you give your dog or cat is safe? The FDA does not treat human and pet food the same. However, they do actively enforce the use of the word "organic". By buying organic pet food and treats, you'll support sustainable and ethical farming, but more importantly also be helping to ensure the safety and quality of the food you give your dog or cat.  Find out more about what organic means and how it is beneficial to your pet and the earth. Is organic right for your pet?

Holistic Remedies and Pet Insurance

The health of your pet is more important than ever. That’s why we strive to provide information and products to you that can help increase their wellbeing while keeping the cost of health care down. Holistic remedies can have significant impact on your pet’s health. And for those things you still need traditional medicine for, we recommend pet insurance to help control the costs.

Eco-Friendly Environmentally Safe Pet ProductsGreen Cleaners and Products

Protecting your pets can be done without a negative impact on the Earth. If we all explore alternatives in our cleaners, shampoos, and doggie bags, and packaging, the impact of having pets can be reduced. We can all feel good about that!

You can help us by sharing our information on Facebook and Twitter, or by supporting our operations through donations. Any way you help us helps lost, found, and adoptable pets throughout the United States and Canada!

Alternatives To Breeders

For those of you searching for breeders to get your next pure breed dog or cat, look no further! There are thousands of pure breed dogs and cats looking for new homes.  You can get the pure breed pet you want without using a breeder.  Many rescue organizations specialize in one type of breed like:

Dogs Dogs Cats
Beagle Shetland Sheepdog(Sheltie) Persian
Pit Bull Terrier Labrador Retriever Maine Coon
Golden Retriever American Bulldog Shorthaired Persian
Pug Boxer Siamese
Dachshund Great Dane Abyssinian
English Bulldog Boston Terrier Ragdoll
German Shepherd Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie) Birman
Poodle Shih Tzu Oriental
Rotweiller Chihuahua American Shorthair
Siberian Husky  Saint Bernard Tonkinese


Breed-specific rescue organizations have valuable expertise and will be glad to help you find the perfect personality match for your lifestyle.  We also have many adoptable hybrid breeds like Labradoodles and Puggles listed across the U.S. and Canada. 

Lost, Found, and Adoptable Pets

Searching for lost pets or for new furry family members can be a daunting task.  We’re here to help.  We provide a nationwide database of lost, found, and adoptable cats and dogs for you to use in your search.  If you have lost a pet, you can create an account and upload a listing to be included in our search results.  Thos of you that have found a pet can do the same. Rescue Groups and animal shelters can upload adoptable pet listings to our site and help increase their adoption rates.  We have tens of thousands of listings across the U.S. and Canada.


Animal Shelters and Rescue Organizations

If you work for an animal shelter or rescue organization and do not use software that automatically tracks and uploads your animals to a database, you can create an account for free and manage your listings through our site.  We know that budgets are shrinking and want to make sure you can use a service like this to help find new homes for your organization's adoptable animals.


Pet Photography

There is no better way of capturing the personality and emotion your pet brings to your life than with a perfectly taken picture.  The experience that a professional pet photographer brings can help you create a set of artwork involving your dog or cat that will last a lifetime.  It doesn’t matter if they are a puppy, kitten, or an adult, we’re sure your pets will shine in a well-shot photo. If you're looking for a great photographer, start with our professional pet photographer directory.  


Pet Health and Safety

Once you’ve gotten your dog or cat back home or have adopted a new one, make sure to protect them in every way you can.  From pet insurance to micro-chipping and ID tags, you can take simple steps to achieve safety, health and piece of mind.  Don’t forget that diet is a huge part of keeping your pet healthy. We offer a great set of organic and holistic pet food in our pet products store.  Buying from us keeps your pet healthy and helps us promote adoption awareness. 



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